Regular employees/Provisional Employee Registration
New employee registration is done by the concerned DDO/Head of the Department/Establishment User of the office through the SPARK option Administration–> New employee record. PEN will be generated on entering all the mandatory fields on the personal memoranda page and clicking on ‘Confirm’ button. The registration procedure will be completed only after entering the details in ‘Present Service Details and Contact Details pages.

Points to be noted

  • DDO should check and confirm if PEN has already generated for this employee, user can check this through Queries-> Employee Search option.
  • If PEN already generated for this employee during his/her past service tenure, in such cases the existing PEN should be continued for future services also.

Temporary Employee Registration
The DDO/Head of the Dept/Establishment can register the temporary employees (who are not provided with service Book) through Accounts –> Register Temporary employee by entering the details such as name, date of birth, address and bank account details. Name, date of birth and Aadhaar number should be same as given in the Aadhaar card. If system shows any error message like “Enter name/dob as in Aadhaar”, then employee should correct the Aadhar details by contacting nearest Akshaya having biometric facility. Then only, system will allow registering the employee details in SPARK. Also it should be noted that if employee details are saved with incorrect Aadhaar details, system will restrict further correction on employee details with new Aadhaar. In such cases DDO should contact SPARK PMU for correcting Aadhaar details as per new Aadhaar. System strictly restricts the registration of an employee from multiple offices. Once a temporary employee got registered in an office through SPARK system, then without terminating from that office, he/she cannot be registered in other offices. On registering the employee, system will generate a temporary employee number (TEN) for the employee.


The concerned DDO/Head of the Department/Establishment User can lock the employee details through the option Administration –> Lock employee Record. Employee details should be locked after data verification for ensuring effective processing of employees’ service related procedure through SPARK.
Unlock facility is enabled under controlling officer’s login through the menu Administration-> Unlock Employee Record option.

Points to be noted

  • Once data locked, the employee details can be unlocked by the user provided with controlling officer access in SPARK.
  • Aided school employeesshould contact their approving authority (AEO/DEO) for unlocking aided school employee’s employee details
  • For individual offices, if their DDO and controlling officer is the same person and the user has been provided only DDO access, then for unlocking employee details , the DDO should forward FORM 5 to SPARK PMU office ( user can download FORMs from info.spark.gov.in and email us to SPARK PMU email id : info@spark.gov.in) for setting the DDO as controlling officer.

User can reset password by clicking on ‘Forgot password’link displayed on the log in page of SPARK.  On clicking the link ‘Reset password’ window will appear on the screen for setting new password.Reset password— > Enter PEN, Date of Birth, and Email address —– > Click on ‘Submit’ Button. If the Email address given is found matching with that given in SPARK profile, then Mobile Number as provided in SPARK Personal Details will appear. If the Mobile Number found correct, click on ‘Verify’ button. Then OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the mobile number as in the Screen. Enter OTP—– > click on ‘Confirm’ Button.Then a new window will be displayed for resetting the password, After setting a new password as per the password policy, click on ‘Continue’ Button to confirm new password.

Password Policy  

  • New password must be minimum eight characters in length. (Longer is generally better).
  • New password should be different from existing password and 2 previous ones.
  • Password should be alphanumeric.
  • Password like user name, PEN, date of birth, month, and standard word should be avoided.
  • Password will be expired after Every 60 days, so change your password before that.
  • If any issues found in resetting password, please contact your DMU ( Department Management User).

 Points to be noted

  • The email id and mobile number entering through Reset password option should match with the detailsupdated in employees’ ‘Contact details’ page .

For updating new office details in SPARK, the Head of the office/DDO has to forward ‘Format 1’ to SPARK PMU office along with sanction order from Government, FORM 3 & FROM 5 for setting DDO /Controlling officer for the newly created office. Before sending Format 01 to SPARK, please ensure that the form is signed by DDO and counter signed by the concerned Treasury.

Please see the below displayed table and submit forms to SPARK PMU office for setting office details

FORMAT 01 New Office Installation in SPARK
FORM 6 HRA Change Request
FORM 7 Change DDO code/Dept code/Treasury code /Office name in spark

DDO privilege in SPARK:  The DDO/Head of the Dept has to submit Form 3 to SPARK PMU office/District Treasury, nominating new DDO. ( Form no 3 can be downloaded from info.spark.gov.in )
Form 3 should be filled and counter signed by the concerned DDO with seal.
Please specify date of Joining of new DDO in the concerned Office.
DDO Registration Number from Treasury should be specified in the form.

Controlling Officer Privilege
For Setting Controlling Officer in SPARK, Form 5 has to be sent to SPARK PMU office/District Treasury.

Nomination/ Change of nomination of Department Management User (DMU)
Submit Form 2 to SPARK PMU office.

For registering a Co Operative Society in SPARK, the cooperative society needs to send the following details (in Letter head) to SPARK PMU office or e mail to info@spark.gov.in

  1. Co Op Society/Bank Name
  2. Co Op Society Reg Number
  3. District
  4. Address
  5. Phone
  6. Co Op Society E mail
  7. Bank Name(Nationalized)
  8. Bank Branch
  9. IFSC Code
  10. Bank Account Number


For adding new bank/bank branch in SPARK, the bank should send the following details to SPARK PMU office or e mail to info@spark.gov.in

  1. Bank Name
  2. Branch name
  3. District
  4. Branch Code
  5. IFSC code
  6. Bank Address
  7. Phone number
  8. Email ID

Note: The above mentioned Bank details should be sent from bank’s official mail id

Yes. User can generate the employee’s service records in PDF format through the option
Service Matters->Generate Data sheet option.
Employee details which have been entered through SPARK can be generated for printing through this screen. There are two options available under this option, ‘Individual data sheet’ and ‘Designation wise data sheet’.

Individual Data Sheet
Data sheet of individual employees can be generated through this option by selecting office and employee PEN. Click on ‘Generate Report’ button to produce the data sheet of the particular employee.

Designation wise Data Sheet
Data sheet of all employees under the particular designation for the selected office can be generated through this option. Select office and designation from drop down list and Click on ‘Generate Report’ button to generate the data sheet.

  • The leave account updation for non-gazetted can be done through the option Service Matters—- > Leave/COff/OD Processing —>Leave Account. While selecting an employee, the details of leave account will be displayed. Both EL and HPL can be updated here. First select leave type then select ‘Enter Opening balance’ option to enter opening balance of leaves as on a date. The Option ‘Enter Opening Balance on Subsequent Date’ is using for any correction in leave account. The Option’ Credit leave based on previous balance’ is using for knowing present leave balance and update leave account based on that details.
  • Gazetted employee’s leave account is maintained and updated by Accountant General Office.


Points to be noted:

Before updating leave account, the concerned DDO should check and verify the employee’s leave details, leave availed details should be updated in employee’s leave details.